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While most women pay attention to their overall skin, they often ignore their eyes. The skin around your eyes is about 10 times thinner than the rest of the skin on your face and ages significantly faster. To keep this area vibrant and prevent premature aging, a little Skin Tightening Cream goes a long way. Here are some of the top eye creams available that target several key areas.
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L’Oreal Revitalift
This small tube comes is a great eye cream specifically designed to shrink any under-eye bags. The smooth metal applicator works by cooling and shrinking these areas. It also contains caffeine which works by constricting the blood vessels in this area and minimizing any dark circles. Finally, this eye cream contains hyaluronic acid, which penetrates skin deeply and increases the moisture content. The overall effect is fuller skin and a noticeable reduction in fine lines, so consider using this eye cream.
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum
Estee Lauder offers a variety of high quality products, and they certainly carry this promise of quality when it comes to eye creams. This serum is a great option since it can be applied at night so you’ll wake up with young, fresh eyes instead of tired, puffy circles. This eye cream also contains hyaluronic acid with keeps your eyes looking young. The other active ingredients stimulate increased cell growth, strengthening the protective barrier and preventing any damage to your sensitive skin.
Korres Antiageing Antiwrinkle Eye Cream
For the woman who’s concerned about going green, this is one of the best options available. This eye cream pulls triple duty with a three-in-one treatment. It works by minimizing the appearance of under-eye darkness and puffiness. The cream also firms up skin around the eyes, tightening it gently to make you look more awake on a daily basis. Thanks to the natural ingredients quercetin and oak, you can achieve younger looking eyes with one of the only natural alternatives to retinol.
Lancome Youth Activating Concentrate
When your main concern is puffiness around your eyes, look no further than this eye cream, It comes with a cooling rotating applicator that’s easy to use and will fit to the contours of your eyes. The best part about using this cream is that the tip can be used to give your skin a small massage while applying. The pressure of the applicator will break up any built-up fluid that causes puffiness, so you’ll see immediate results.
Repairwear Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream
Clinique also created an eye cream that works in a few different ways. You’ll want to use this eye cream all the time because it does the following: rebuilds collagen and elastin, smoothes out fine lines, and clears up signs of UV damage. You’ll start seeing an improvement in just four weeks, so what are you waiting for?
Each of these eye creams offers significant benefits. Use this list to find the right eye cream for you, picking one that fits what you need at this time. All of these products offer reliable results with consistent use, so you’ll see steady improvement over time. See what the best eye cream for puffiness should contain, Go Here!

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